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About Sightline

Sightline Productions was founded in 1996 because of a passion to further professionalize the entertainment industry. Because we take care of the full technical coordination, productions can be produced more efficiently, more economically and with better quality.

Our mission

From the start of Sightline we have a clear mission: to increase the quality of entertainment concepts and to make work easier and more fun for all involved!

We do this by making a technical drawing that is accurate to the millimeter. And through good coordination between the wishes of the customer and all suppliers involved. With our production managers around, everyone knows exactly what to do and we make sure the work is finished in time. By doing so we create unique experiences that are not easily forgotten by visitors.

Together we realize unique experiences

From our office in Utrecht we work with a close team on the realization of unique productions. Our team consists of creatives, technical production managers and specialists in audio, light and video. Because of this diversity of expertise, we are able to work in the full width of the events market; television productions, music shows, sporting events and corporate events.


We are aware that our industry also has to deal with waste and emissions. By looking critically at ourselves and the industry, we want to do something about this. For example, we have already taken steps in plastic reduction and heat saving. But we also try to do our part externally. We are not there yet, but we continue to look for solutions to improve things.

Our core values




Professional development